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Children's Books & Educational Materials


Looking ahead to summer 2018, we're seeking reading material (books or magazines) for school aged children, as well as basic school supplies, to distribute to families. Children, especially those living on farms without transportation to summer school or library programs, struggle to maintain English literacy skills. Our hope is that we can put together bags of reading material and learning packets to maintain skill levels and encourage summer growth.

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Luz Nereida Burkard

Direct Services Bilingual Consultant

Luz Nereida is a vital resource for our Hispanic clients who have specific concerns. Working with clients individually, she helps them to access resources and assists with communication related to employment, health care, community services, and their children's schools.

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Community Forum

Willing to visit places of employment in Grant, Iowa, Lafayette and Richland County.​

For more information: mcopwi@gmail.com or call Luz Nereida at (608) 642-1753.  ​

Persons seeking ID cards MUST bring signed forms. 

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proporcionando referencias a:

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  • employment
  • housing
  • financial advice
  • legal advice
  • health insurance
  • social services
  • ​& much more

MCOP's mission is to provide needed support to our newest neighbors, who are enriching our communities with multicultural experiences


Saturday, April 21 


Bread of Life Church

745 Lutheran Street

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Art & Craft Supplies


Children accompanying their parents to bilingual workshops on immigration law or policing need fun distractions. Give us your leftovers, the children will bring the creative magic!


More than 180 persons attended MCOP Immigration Law Workshops in Darlington, Fennimore, and Richland Center in 2017.  Immigration lawyers and police department members led a discussion on immigration law. ​

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MCOP ESL Program in the News

WMTV NBC 15 in Madison recently highlighted the accomplishments of students working with MCOP volunteer tutor coordinator, Kathy Chase, at Cottonwood Dairy in Wiota. 



Looking for volunteers willing to help our Hispanic friends with transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc. Flexible commitment, offer as few or many rides as you wish. Appointments scheduled in advance to match availability. 

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  • Direct Services
  • English Tutors
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MCOP Now Issuing Free ID Cards to Local Hispanic Families

  • transporte
  • empleo
  • alojamiento
  • asesoria financiera
  • asesoria legal
  • seguro de salud
  • servicios sociales
  • y muchos más

With the support of sheriffs and police chiefs from Iowa, Grant, Lafayette and Richland Counties, the MultiCultural Outreach Program is issuing identification cards to our Hispanic friends which establish their ties to the local community.  The ID cards, which are FREE, include the name, address, phone and a photo of the card holder as well as the name, address and phone of their employer or another local person such as a pastor.

It is important to understand that these cards are not government-issued driver's licenses.   

Card holders can still expect to get a ticket and be required to pay a fine for a minor traffic violation, such as a taillight out or driving without a license.  But the police officer will not be required to take them to jail if they show the ID card to prove they live and work in the community. 

To obtain an ID card, our Hispanic friends must have this form signed by their employer, allowing us to list his/her contact information on the card.   The attached letter will explain the value of the program to employers or other potential contact person. 


ID Card Events

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We've been waiting for you! Connect with this special community. MCOP is seeking:

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  • English Tutors
  • Transport Supports
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Immigration Law Workshops:​​